Introducing a Simplified Approach to Denture Training

That Leads to doing More Lucrative Denture Cases

My name is Dr. Raymond Choi, a general dentists from Tustin, California.

I have been teaching dentists mini implant dentistry for over 10 years. I currently lecture for 3M (on mini implants) and give advanced mini implant and esthetic denture seminars throughout U.S.

Now, I am providing a new, simplified approach to teaching denture skills.

As you are well aware, the number of baby boomers is increasing rapidly. Some say that there are 11,000 people turning 65 everyday! Boomers have more discretionary income and are known to seek out services and products that help them stay younger and healthier.

Furthermore, the demand for dental implants is rising dramatically and there will be a lot of new dentures that will have to be made when patients get implants.

Dentures are THE niche I recommend all my students enter.

Not a lot of dentists like doing dentures. In fact , most dentists hate doing dentures. One industry expert estimated only about 3 to 5% of the general dentists in U.S. are actively doing dentures.

If you are already skillful in doing dentures, this is a great news and represents huge business opportunity for you.

If you are not yet skillful in doing dentures, you too can take advantage of this opportunity by making yourself more skillful in doing dentures. After all, denture is not rocket science!

SimplifiedDentures will help you become comfortable, confident, and proficient at doing dentures for your patients.
You will now be able to do more dentures cases and enjoy a substantial increase in your profits.


Simplified Dentures for GPs
Discover the Simplified Approach to Denture Training

    1. 1. Why Every GP Must Do More Dentures in this Economy: FREE COURSE Growing opportunities in denture business in this changing demographics and recessionary economy are available to all general dentists today. This course discusses the opportunities and why every general dentist must get into denture market


    1. 2. Overview of Simplified Denture Training Course: FREE COURSE Overview of key components of predictable and simplified denture techniques which will make dentures more enjoyable and profitable. Each component will be featured separately in our topical courses more in depth.


    1. 3. Pre Op Assessment of Denture Patients: Learn to screen and formulate prognosis of the case before you begin and set appropriate fee


    1. 4. Denture Impression: Easy, predictable, consistent, user friendly 1 visit denture impression technique that makes sense in every GPs office. Introduces concept of Myostatic Outline to minimize overextension of denture borders and eliminate floating lower dentures


    1. 5. Vertical Dimension: Demystifies the method of determining vertical dimension and teaches a simplified 5 minute technique


    1. 6. Centric Records: Shows why most dentists have problems with bite technique and what you can do to take the most accurate bite that can eliminate resets and remakes


    1. 7. Creating Esthetics with Dentures: Learn fast and simple ways to create very natural esthetics for dentures


    1. 8. Denture Occlusion: How to find out when to use what type of occlusion for different denture patients


    1. 9. Denture Insertion & Post Op Care: Teaches you simple ways to trouble shoot problems during insertion appointment and manage post op issues


  1. BONUS: Gothic Arch Tracing Session



Raymond Choi, DDS